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Update from Tim and Misty:

"Doctors just rounded. Bone scan didn't show any infections. Another answered prayer and more progress. Chest x ray again today looks better than yesterday!! Increasing his feeds and decreasing the nutrition liquids. Physical and occupational therapy were in and worked with him. He did so so good. They even had him sit up at the edge of the bed!!! It was so good to see him up like that. They will be back daily. They showed is exercises to do with him each day to help his joints and they said that will also help clear the extra fluids from his hands and feet. They were all so impressed with him. He's fighting so hard!!"

"They also ordered another extubation test for tomorrow!"

"This place is seriously amazing. Not only for Logan, but for us too. We were just standing her talking with a friend and in walks a woman dragging a chair. She said she was here to do massages and my first thought was, "NO, he's sleeping. Just leave him alone." But then she said, "for moms and dads!!" Then said, "Sign me up!!" We just sat in our room and got a little massage. Our bodies are so sorry from all the stress and tejh comfy bed we have here. She said she comes around every Thursday. So thankful!"

Please keep praying everyone...God is working!

In Him,